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European Generation Alumni

European Generation is very proud of its Alumni network. For the fall recruitment, the Board has kindly asked to few of them to share some thoughts regarding the value of their experience in EG.

Cecilia Mezzanotte, OECD Junior Consultant

My years in European Generation have enriched my experience at Bocconi way more than I could have imagined when I first applied. I have met amazing people, passionate about, and committed to the same topics I was interested in, and I also found some of my now closest friends. Also, my experience as President of the association and in organising the EYD had really formed me as a person and helped me develop skills that I'm now relying on constantly on my job. I would suggest anyone to join the association and to take advantage of all the occasions and chances that it will provide you with. You'll find yourself in a vibrant and exciting community and network that will be great companions for your uni experience

Sofia Ricci, EY Government and Public Sector Advisor

I joined European Generation when I started my master’s degree at Bocconi, and I can’t recommend it enough! EG allows you to connect with like-minded people, but also to discuss contrasting opinions and ideas. It’s a place where you can meet wonderful people – I met some of my best friends at the weekly meetings! – but also challenge yourself out of your comfort zone. As the head of the HR division, I learned how to organise activities with members, collect and implement feedback, and arrange tasks on a tight schedule. Moreover, taking part in the organisation of the European Youth Debate taught me how to work better in teams, and how to overcome issues with a creative approach, skills that are highly valuable to employers.

Alessia Karen Pagani, TPA Research Analyst

Being part of the EG family means sharing your passions and determination to do better with an incredible group of like-minded peers. My commitment to work as VP and to organize the EYD2019 while studying on the other corner of the planet gave me an unquantifiable amount of satisfaction and still makes me look back at EG as the best part of my Bocconi experience.

Lorenzo Faggiano, UCL International Public Policy

It is often the case that groups of people bond based on a shared interest, but at times the people are the basis, and the interests follow naturally. This is exactly the case of EG. Indeed, European Generation is not simply a group which shares an interest, but rather an interest which shares a group. The association is not merely values and ideas, but also community and friendships. I always desired, in my own way, to contribute to the European project. EG allowed me to do just that, with amazing experiences along the way. For that, I will always keep a dear memory of it.

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