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The EU vs Climate Change 

by Ada Giannasi

Hi, I’m Ada! I’ve been in the association for almost a year now. I wanted to write about Climate change because it’s a very important issue to understand, but I think many people find ‘messy’ and hard to approach, especially on the policy side.

Data Storytelling 

by Vittorio Vergano

Hey, I'm Vittorio! Last year I made a couple of projects to detect people feelings about Brexit and the diffusion of Covid-19 fake news on Twitter, so when they proposed to make a rubric on something we are passioned about, I thought that data storytelling was right on spot! The reason why I am so into this topic? Well, data do tell stories and, the other way around, stories provide insightful data. Once you make numbers the main characters of your narrative, they'll speak for themselves!

Geopolitics in the EU

by Iacopo Andreone

Hi I'm Iacopo, second year BIEF student! I joined the association because I deeply care about the future of Europe, my home. I decided to write about geopolitics since I believe it's a very important matter too often undervalued by most

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