The European Youth Debate (EYD) is a project promoting active European citizenship. It is an international student forum hosted by the student association European Generation under the Patronage of the European Parliament.


The event will span over three days and its goal is to bring together students passionate about the European Union to discuss and develop concrete suggestions for the Union’s further development.


Our aim is to voice our idea of the European Union, present detailed proposals to politicians and the public as well as to connect with students from different nationalities and backgrounds to better understand the Europe we live in.


We believe that our active engagement in today’s politics is essential to our future.


“Three days where you get to discuss exciting topics about the future of the EU together with open-minded and engaged students from all over the world. The EYD was a great learning opportunity. I made a lot of friends and I wouldn't hesitate to partecipate again.” 


—  Matteo De Pascale

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