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What is European Generation?


European Generation is a student association at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. It was founded in 2013 and has grown ever since. The association is directed towards Bocconi students*, in particular those born from the 1990s who inherited the European Union born with the Maastricht Treaty. European Generation is a non-political group that welcomes a diversity of opinions and backgrounds.


What is the goal of European Generation?

The goal of European Generation is to discuss current topics in EU politics and to further debate and critical thinking about the policies and problems that will shape our future. Moreover, the association organizes events open to students and the public to which it invites politicians, journalists, bureaucrats and NGOs. These events aim to raise awareness and interest in current problems and past achievements of the EU.

Our Mission

European Generation’s mission is to spread awareness and foster a critical and informed debate about EU politics. The association wants to provide a forum for discussions that focus on the current problems and past achievements of the EU. European Generation believes that Europe is in need of fresh energy and minds open for change. Whether Europe and the EU will continue on the road of progress and learn from past mistakes depends on the passion and ambition of the young generation.

*Due to the society’s statute, affiliation is open and guaranteed only to students who are currently enrolled or visiting Bocconi University.

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