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European Generation is much more than a student associations, it is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and form lasting bonds with them. In fact, our former members are so attached to the association that they still participate to meetings and activities.

Our alumni network includes more than 400 Europeans all around the world; some of them work for governmental, public and international institutions, others play a role in the markets, but they all have a thing in common: they love the Union as much as we do.

Hear what a bunch of them has to say about EG!

Cecilia Mezzanotte

OECD Junior Consultant

My experience as President of the association and in organising the EYD had really formed me as a person and helped me develop skills that I'm now relying on constantly on my job.

The association is not merely values and ideas, but also community and friendships. I always desired, in my own way, to contribute to the European project. EG allowed me to do just that, with amazing experiences along the way.

Lorenzo Faggiano

Blue Book Trainee at DG CLIMA


OECD Policy Analysis Intern

EG means sharing your passions and determination to do better with an incredible group of like-minded peers.

EG allows you to connect with like-minded people, but also to discuss contrasting opinions and ideas. As the head of the HR division, I learned how to organise activities with members, collect and implement feedback, and arrange tasks on a tight schedule.


EY Government & Public Sector Consultant

Senza 2.jpg

ECB Finance Analyst

European Generation allowed me to nurture my interest and knowledge about the EU. Further, there I met some bright people I can still now call friends.

EG will always have a special place in my heart. Being part of such a talented group of people during my university years has contributed significantly to my personal and professional development

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Amazon HR Partner

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