Our divisions are the beating heart of the association, they take care of the events, of the blog, of the members and of our social media pages. At the beginning of your journey with European Generation, you can choose your division and specialize in the fields that suits you best.

-- Guglielmo Gomez Serito,

President of European Generation

A society is nothing without its members. The funding principles of European Union are integration and sense of community. The same values are rooted in the organizational structure of our association; after all, our European Identity starts from those that are close to us.

-- Giulia Comelli,

Vicepresident of European Generation

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The events division is entitled to organize all our meetings and the official events; their operations follows the formula great speakers + great themes = great impact. The Head of Events is Hanna Gesang.

Members of Events Division:

Paolo Barone

Giovanni Berlin

Lavinia Chiacchierini

Raffaella Dimastrochicco

Amalia Fumagalli

Romy Kool

Alexandra Marin

Niklas Mayer

Gaia Remus

Francesco Toti

Elena Vecil

Members of  Operations & HR Division:

Giovan Battista Bianchini

Filippo Curone

Luca D'Amato

Pietro Falco

Gianmarco Luu

Eulalie Marcorelles

Pietro Valetto

The Operations & HR division deals with the internal organization and administration, coordinating the members meetings and ensuring the formation of a friendly and inclusive environment. The Head of Operations & HR division is Andrea Casetta.


The writing division takes care of our blog Tales of Europe and of our newsletter. ToE is the main platform where our writers can share their articles. In a sense, it is much more than a blog, it's Europe behind the curtains. The Head of the writing division is Alice Rossini.


Members of Media Division:

Victoria Bruschi

Arianna Colombo

Francesco De Santins

Pietro Dominietto

Marco Lavazza

Miguel Rodrigues

The media division is the voice of European Generation. They constantly update our pages, ensuring to share with the rest of the world our vision and our achievements. The Head of the Media Division is Paolo Agnesina.

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