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Our divisions are the beating heart of the association, they take care of the events, of the blog, of the members and of our social media pages. At the beginning of your journey with European Generation, you can choose your division and specialize in the fields that suits you best.

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Head of Media

Victoria Letizia Bruschi

The media division is the voice of European Generation. They constantly update our pages, post news recaps, ensuring to share with the rest of the world our vision and our achievements. The Head of the Media Division is Victoria Letizia Bruschi.

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The events division is entitled to organize all our meetings and the official events; their operations follows the formula great speakers + great themes = great impact. The Head of Events is Sofia Brunetti


Head of Events

Sofia Brunetti


Head of Operations & HR

Adam Msolly

The Operations & HR division deals with the internal organization and administration, coordinating the members meetings and ensuring the formation of a friendly and inclusive environment. The Head of Operations & HR division is Adam Msolly


The writing division curates our blog, Tales of Europe, as well as our newsletter. It serves as a platform perfect for developing, broadening, and sharing ideas related to the past, present, and future of the European Union. Through our articles, reports, and as of recent, policy papers, we aim at bringing forward and analyzing the most pressing issues and anomalies the EU faces. The Head of the division is Nikola Mirkov.


Head of Writing

Nikola Mirkov


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