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Dear Mr. Calciolari,

I would like to thank you for your online submission on 25th January 2017 requesting the Patronage of the European Parliament for the event “European Youth Debate 2017 – Europe 2030 beyond boundaries” which will take place in Milan from 20 to 22 April 2017.

The purpose of your event – namely, to create a platform for students of European Universities to discuss and exchange ideas concerning a broad range of questions regarding Europe, the world and current matters – is highly appreciated.

The opportunity to experience the daily job of EU legislator which will be offered to the students will surely contribute to develop their interest for the European Union and to further deepening their comprehension of the functioning of the different institutions.

The parliament supports the events that promote the proactive sense of European Citizenship among the young population and until now it has organized two editions of the European Youth Event. Likewise, the Euroschool project offers to the students the possibility to discover our Institution spending one day in Strasbourg to step into the shoes of the MEPs. Furthermore, the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme aims to raise awareness about European Parliament democracy and the European citizenship values among the students of professional schools and secondary schools and to offer to the schools the opportunity to interact with the European Parliament and the MEPs and to forge relations with other guest schools.

Given the clear European dimension of the EYD, it is with immense pleasure that I grant the European Parliament Patronage to your event.

Accept my best wishes for you event “European Youth Debate 2017” that will surely be extremely successful.

–  Antonio Tajani



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