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About the event

The European Youth Debate 2023 -- Milan (#EYD2023) is the eight edition of a forum hosted by the student association European Generation. The EYD is an empowering and engaging experience for students who have the chance to think as policy-makers, meet outstanding European institutional figures, and to grow their interest in European issues.


The event will span over three days and its goal is to bring together students passionate about the European Union to discuss concrete suggestions for the Union’s future.

At the beginning of 2023, we are witnessing the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, but many talk about a potential worldwide recession, and with inflation and the current geopolitical instability, the EU has many challenges to face.

In particular, following the escalation of the situation in Ukraine affecting the international political, economic, and social equilibrium with massive consequences for citizens of the world. The crisis has to be taken as an opportunity for change toward a better tomorrow. Therefore, students and young citizens of the world need to discuss and take action to shape their future.

With this priority in mind, we have carefully selected the following topics for the 2023 edition of the European Youth Debate:

  • European Defense

  • European Energy: security and transition

  • European industry and Welfare

  • European Democracy​​

Our aim is to voice our idea of the European Union, present detailed proposals to politicians and the public as well as to connect with students from different nationalities and backgrounds to understand better the Europe we live in. We believe that our active engagement in today’s politics is essential to our future.


The EYD will begin with an inspiring opening event including keynote speeches from politicians, professors, and journalists. This will be followed by one-and-a-half days of collaborative working in four different round tables each developing one of the four themes mentioned. The last day will be used to present the proposals in a general assembly.


Click on the icon to download the full programme for this edition of the EYD. Some adjustments may be done along the way, be sure to regularly check the Debate Chamber's notifications!

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