European Generation Board

In the occasion of the 2020 fall recruitment, we have asked to all board members to briefly describe what European Generation means to them. In this way we hope to provide a better sense of what EG stands for to all those who might be interested in joining. In the meantime, we wish you good luck for the new year!

Gugliemo Gomez Serito President

When people ask me about EG, it's always difficult for me to explain to them the world behind the label “student association”. And probably I was the first one not completely realizing how much a group of students with the same passions and drives can achieve working together. I only realized it during the last EYD edition, where I had the opportunity to know, work, and exchange opinions with more than one hundred other students just like me.

A little epiphany that led me to want to give more and more to the association and the funny part is that EG is giving me back even more. Next year when I will no longer be in Bocconi this experience will be for sure one of the most important things I’ll bring with me from Milan.

Giulia Comelli Vice President

I have been a part of European Generation for two years now, and I am so glad to have found such a lively