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“Past and present – European conflicts and their pertinence today”

In a century shaped by European disintegration and nationalism, we believe that the European family should resort to its historical legacy to surmount present obstacles. Indeed, the continent’s history can serve as a source of hope in times of upheaval - provided that Europe learns the lessons from the past.

In this spirit, we want to shed light on European history and its pertinence today with our new column “Past and Present”. By covering a wide range of geographic areas within Europe – from Cyprus to Catalonia – we will examine, every two weeks with an article, former and current animosities while emphasizing their impacts on the party that is concerned the most: the European people.

Gaetano, Francois, Daniel, Francesca, Pietro.

The wall that divides Nicosia. Author: Marco Fieber. Source: Flickr

9 November 1989: the collapse of the Berlin Wall, about thirty-two years ago.