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Brexit Diaries #1 (February 1, 2020)

Follow a European Generation member Gioele Giussani as he travels to London in the first days after the United Kingdom exited the European Union. What are his impressions of post-Brexit London? How do Londoners and other Europeans feel about entering this new era? Read below to find out.

5.00 am – While I’m driving towards the airport, the sun is rising again; this will be the dawn of a new day, and, according to PM Boris Johnson, the dawn of a renewed Britain, which will be now free to unleash its full potential. Today is in-fact UK’s first day out of the EU after a 40-year-long membership and after a long, contradictory and exhausting almost-three-year-long exiting process. Today is a day of relief for Brexiteers and a day of sorrow for Europeanists.

8.00 am – Easy Jet’s Airbus A320, on which I’m flying, is the first plane from Milan landing in London in the post-Brexit era. Actually, for another eleven months, everything is going to remain as it has been over the past years from a legal perspective; but travelling today to the UK for an EU citizen feels in some way different.

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