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Q: I read that the participation is free, really?

A: Participation to the debate sessions is free, as well as the access to the Opening Conference. We beliee that everyone should have the right to express their opinion, therefore we do not charge any fee.

Q: Do you reimburse travel & accomodation costs?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot cover travel and accomodation costs. We are however providing a limited number of accommodation possibilities for the participants who ask for it.

They will be hosted by members of our association at their homes (some in beds, others on air mattresses/couches). Accommodation will be assigned on first come first served basis. If an application will be accepted, chances are higher that applicants can be hosted the earlier they apply.

If you are not offered an accomodation, we can still provide you with some tips on where to find cheap places to stay in Milan.

Q: What about living costs?

Thanks to the generous support of our institutional partners we are able to offer a networking buffet for the lunch of Day 2. Participants will have to bear the cost of all other meals.

Q: Are there any fun activities, a part from the debate?

Yes, of course! We are organizing two social nights! It will be a nice occasion to socialize with other participants and staff members in a more informal way. An you get to experience the true Italian & milanese lifestyle.

- Enjoy your Italian pizza for the dinner of Day 1.

- Join us for an Aperitivo on the Navigli (and stay with us for the Disco night) on Day 2.


Participation costs to the social events in the evenings of Thursday and Friday are on the participant (around 25 euros). In order to best organize the social gatherings, we will ask participants to cover such costs beforehand.

Q: When will I know about the results of my application?

A: Application results will be communicated a couple of days after the closing of the applications (May 31st, 2020). If you are on the waiting list, you may expect to be re-contacted one week later.

Q: Will I be assigned to a roundtable prior to the event? Am I required to study? 

A: When you'll receive the confirmation of your participation, you'll be communicated the round-table you will belong to. The roundtable assignment is based both on the preferences you expressed in your application, as well as on our assessment on your profile.

You are expected to be prepared for the discussion: we will provide some preparation material to help you get ready for the debate!


Q: Can I come just to the opening conference?

A: Yes, of course! We will provide in the upcoming days a form for the non-participants to register themselves to the opening conference.

Q: Can I help you in any way?

A: Thanks for asking! The EYD is organised and run by students, and your support is crucial to the success of the event! Get the word spread on social media, invite your friends and, if you're selected, be prepared on the topics and ready to propose brilliant ideas for the future of Europe!