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Q: I read that the participation is free, really?

A: Participation to the debate sessions is free, as well as the access to the Opening Conference. We beliee that everyone should have the right to express their opinion, therefore we do not charge any fee.

Q: When will I know about the results of my application?

A: Application results will be communicated a couple of days after the closing of the applications (May 31st, 2020). If you are on the waiting list, you may expect to be re-contacted one week later.

Q: Will I be assigned to a roundtable prior to the event? Am I required to study? 

A: When you'll receive the confirmation of your participation, you'll be communicated the round-table you will belong to. The roundtable assignment is based both on the preferences you expressed in your application, as well as on our assessment on your profile.

You are expected to be prepared for the discussion: we will provide some preparation material to help you get ready for the debate!


Q: Can I come just to the opening conference?

A: Yes, of course! We will provide in the upcoming days a form for the non-participants to register themselves to the opening conference.

Q: Can I help you in any way?

A: Thanks for asking! The EYD is organised and run by students, and your support is crucial to the success of the event! Get the word spread on social media, invite your friends and, if you're selected, be prepared on the topics and ready to propose brilliant ideas for the future of Europe!

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