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EYD 2022

2020 will be remembered by future generations as the year when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, causing the deepest crisis of the post-war era. However, it has also been a year when multiple milestones have been achieved: science has been capable of delivering an effective vaccine against the coronavirus in the record time of ten months, while the ratification of the Recovery Plan has paved the way for European common debt issuance, just to name a few. Throughout the history of mankind, recoveries from the greatest crisis have always offered amazing opportunities for innovation and change. For these reasons it is extremely important for us, students and young citizens, to actively engage in the discussion about our future and take this chance to actually shape the world of tomorrow. 

With this priorities in mind, we have carefully selected the following topics for the 2021 edition of the European Youth Debate: EU: a global player, Research & Health, European recovery, Speaking European

EU: a global player

The delicate international equilibrium established after WW2 and centered around the US is progressively mutating, thanks to the rise of China. What is the position of the EU in the current geopolitical scenario? Are the Member States positions aligned in international matters or do they pursue their individual interests thus undermining the power of the Union as a single bloc?

Research & Health 
The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of scientific research. The absence of a purely European vaccine is a clear consequence of the prolonged period of underinvestment in innovation. While the discussion regarding the introduction of the EU sanity passport is still ongoing, member states remain skeptical about the use of ESM funds, despite the lower conditionality requirement. How comes that the EU is falling behind with Research and Health? Has the EU been able to provide an adequate response?


European recover
The pandemic that has been raging now for more than a year has deeply scarred our economy. The Recovery Fund is not only the biggest joint effort ever made to find a common solution to a shock that symmetrically hit all member states, but also a unified path towards a better future, with sustainability and digitalization as its pillars. How should the Fund work? Is common debt here to stay? 


Speaking European
Communication is key to strengthening the ties among EU member states. To this purpose multilingualism can be considered an obstacle. While the introduction of an official EU language could represent a possible solution, it would strongly undermine national identities. Should we even have a European Media Company? What language would such an outlet choose?

The #EYD22 is coming... but we are still working on it!

Hey! We are glad to know you are interested in the European Youth Debate! We are very proud of our event, a discussion forum that brings together students passionate about the European Union from all over the world to discuss and propose concrete suggestions for the Union’s future.

The 7th edition of the event will take place between the 7th and the 9th of April and it will be hosted in person in Milan. At the moment we are still working on finding the venues, but you can contact us for any doubt or clarification and you can find further information on the previous editions and on the work of our association on our main website.

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