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EYD 2023


The European Youth Debate 2023 — Milan (#EYD2023) is the 8th edition of a forum hosted by the student association European Generation. The EYD is an empowering and engaging experience for students who have the chance to think as policy-makers, to meet outstanding European institutional figures and to grow their interest on European issues.
The event will span over three days and its goal is to bring together students passionate about the European Union to discuss concrete suggestions for the Union’s future.

Following the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European continent has plunged into yet another crisis: Once a continent that used to pride itself with its prospects of peace, Europe has returned to a conflict of high intensity. 
If economies were reaching their pre-pandemic levels before the Russian aggression, they are now facing high record-high inflation levels, contraction, and looming consequences of the US Inflation Reduction Act. 

The implications of this geopolitical and economic crisis are manifest: domestic, but also international social equilibria are shaken. 

In this context of permacrisis, we find an imperative to act in Jean Monnet, a founding father of the EU: “Europe will be forged in crisis, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises”

The #EYD23 is coming... but we are still working on it!

Hey! We are glad to know you are interested in the European Youth Debate! We are very proud of our event, a discussion forum that brings together students passionate about the European Union from all over the world to discuss and propose concrete suggestions for the Union’s future.

The 7th edition of the event will take place between March the 30th and the 1s of April and it will be hosted in person in Milan. At the moment we are still working on finding the venues, but you can contact us for any doubt or clarification and you can find further information on the previous editions and on the work of our association on our main website.

If you don't want to miss any updates on the event, subscribe to our EYD newsletter, we will send you an e-mail with all the instructions and the important information to enroll as soon as they will become available!

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