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APRIL 5, 2018



9am - 1pm


As every year, the opening conference of the EYD is a really special moment: high-profile speakers are called to present their bold visions for the Europe of tomorrow. 

It is the moment in which the current change-makers meet the future ones, ideas cross-pollinate and the feeling of being at the heart of Europe becomes tangible.

Empowering, inspiring and breathtaking speeches will kick-start the debates of the following days: be ready to listen, ask questions, and possibly change your mind.

The opening conference is open to everyone who's interested in having a glimpse into the future of the EU.



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Michele Valensise

President of Villa Vigoni

Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sandro Gozi

Former Member of the Italian Parliament and

Undersecretary of State for European Affairs

Eleonora Evi

Member of the European Parliament

Brando Benifei

Member of the European Parliament

Beppe Severgnini

Editor-in-chief 7 magazine, Corriere della Sera; Contributing opinion writer, The New York Times

Carlo Altomonte

Senior Associate Research Fellow at ISPI.

Associate Professor of Economics of European Integration at Bocconi University

Non-Resident Fellow at Bruegel

Vincenzo Galasso

Full Professor of Economics at Bocconi University.

Program Director of the Bachelor of Science in International Politics and Government.

Research Fellow at CEPR - Centre for Economic Policy Research, London