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Report on the

Future of Europe




The Report on the Future of Europe is meant for young Europeans to reflect on these tough questions and propose their vision for the way forward, empowering and engaging young generations in actively shaping the policy debate.


This collaborative project involves as co-authors more than 30 students from ten leading European universities and representing eleven nationalities. Participants engage in a series of meetings and writing sessions, under the guidance of two academic mentors.


The project is coordinated by European Generation, under the high patronage of the Société des members de la légion d’honneur (SMLH). The final report will be presented to high-profile figures from European institutions and academia on the occasion of the Centennial Event to celebrate the SMLH Foreign Sections, which will be hosted at the French Embassy in Rome in fall 2021.


The report​

Part I. Europe now

Reflecting on the process of European integration up to now and our shared European values


Part II. What if the EU did not exist

Analysing the case of Brexit to shed light on what it means being without the EU


Part III. Challenges for the future

  • Identity challenge: promoting European democracy and identity

  • Institutional challenge: reforming institutions and promoting European integration

  • COVID challenge: overcoming economic and health crises

  • Economic challenge: reforming economic and fiscal governance

  • Environmental challenge: addressing the climate emergency

  • Migration challenge: tackling the migration crisis and its root causes

  • Technological challenge: confronting and managing technological disruptions and innovation


Academic Mentors

Prof. Carlo Altomonte, Bocconi University

Prof. Frédéric Esposito, University of Geneva


Caroline Angeli, University of Geneva

Paolo Barone, Bocconi University

Jade Belghali, SciencesPo

Chloé Bertrand, SciencesPo

Martina Bo, Bocconi University and SciencesPo

Beatrice Boarolo, Bocconi University and SciencesPo

Teresa Capelli, Bocconi University

Andrea Casetta, Bocconi University

Giulio Vittorio Cervi, Bocconi University and LSE

Giulia Comelli, Bocconi University

Giuseppe Concetti, Bocconi University and LSE

Raffaella Dimastrochicco, Bocconi University

Hanna Gesang, Bocconi University

Guglielmo Gomez Serito, Bocconi University

Daniel Johannesson, Stockholm School of Economics

Jean-Pierre Kiraly, University of Geneva

Lukas Norbert Leitner, Hertie School of Governance

Laurent Mallet, University of Geneva

Yonna Marangoni, University of Geneva

Francesc Mullerat, ESADE

Sara Notario, University of Geneva

Stefan Pfalzer, SciencesPo and LSE

Ulysse Schell, University of Geneva

Simone Scibelli, Bocconi University

Liam Selsby, LSE

Marianna Skoczek-Wojciechowska, SciencesPo

Timothée Spoerli, University of Geneva

Linnea Svanberg, Stockholm School of Economics

Pietro Valetto, Bocconi University

Marta Vukovic, Central European University

Rebeca Woodbridge, ESADE

Orsola Zocchi, Bocconi University

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Under the high patronage of:

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