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European Youth Debate 2018

For the third edition of the event,
participants were asked to focus on four
different themes:
1. The opportunities and challenges provided
by the setting of a Common Defence system
and an Anti-terrorism programme;
2. The possible advantages and disadvantages
of a Digital Single Market;
3. The status of International Cooperation and
Neighbouring Policy; and
4. The enhancement of education.

Before engaging in the debate, students
participated in an inspiring Conference that included speeches from the following
influential Italian politicians, professors and journalists:
Michele Valensise, President of Villa Vigoni,
former Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former Ambassador in
Sarajevo; Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary of
State for European Affairs; Brando Benifei,
Member of the European Parliament; Beppe Severgnini, Editor in Chief of 7 Magazine and Vice-director of the Corriere della Sera; Massimo Gaudina, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Milan; Eleonora Evi, Member of the European Parliament; Carlo
Altomonte and Vincenzo Galasso, Professors at Bocconi University.

Moreover, during the last day of the event,
the participants gathered at “Palazzo della Regione” for a Plenary session. Each group had prepared a draft paper containing the proposed solutions to the issues discussed
in the roundtables and had chosen a representative with the task of explaining their conclusions to the Plenary. All the participants were then asked to further discuss the matter, propose amendments to the drafts and finally vote on the approval of the Documents.

The event has been granted the high Patronage of the European Parliament, the European Commission and Villa Vigoni, and took place thanks to the precious support and patronage of the following institutions:
the European Documentation Center of the Bocconi Library, the Italian Trade Agency,
Banco BPM, ISPI, the European Student
Associations Network.


  1. Common Defence and Anti-terrorism; 

  2. Digital Single Market

  3. International Cooperation and Neighbouring Policy

  4. Education


Michele Valensise

Sandro Gozi

Eleonora Evi

Brando Benifei

Beppe Severgnini

Carlo Altomonte

Vincenzo Galasso

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