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In the present crisis of state sovereignty, the entire politic body lacks coordination and vision of the future, resulting in the political havoc we have witnessed in the past years.

Now more than ever we need to reopen the discussion on the European Union’s foundations and question the widespread notion that it has lost its propulsive power. Today’s political leaders, absorbed in issues of national relevance, are heedless to the necessity of further integration in the Union and often describe it as an obstacle to economic development rather than an extraordinary opportunity of success.



Europe now needs good answers but, to find them we must ask the right questions! 

Since the first months we have been organising lectures and conferences in our university with the help of professors and guest lecturers. The themes treated were many, ranging from the European social system to the consequences of the crisis on future integration and the problem of sovereignty in Europe. We want to organise similar events for all the length of the academic year to encourage the knowledge and discussion of European issues amongst students. 

Let's Europe together!

Our periodic internal meetings will focus on the organization of events, as well as it could be a place of debate on actuality themes. These meetings are also thought as space for developing projects, as little researches, articles production and event making.