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The debate in the roundtable firstly focused on establishing a common definition for what is otherwise called “European Identity”. The participants then tackled matters such as whether the EU should take active measures to prompt the European Identity to so...

1. The Topic and the Approach

Over the last years, it has become increasingly obvious that the phenomena of ecosystemic degradation, upscaled pollution, natural resource depletion, deterioration of the ozone layer and global warming are all concurring to a wave of clima...

October 4, 2020

As a member of European Generation only since last semester, arguably not the best timing ever to join an association, the 2020 Edition of the European Youth Debate was also the first one I took part in. However, I had already heard of this outstanding event during my...

1. The Topic   

Our round table was focused on international trade, and in particular we understood it in a wider sense as a tool for political and geopolitical issues. We decided to define the guidelines for the discussion by putting emphasis on two different topi...

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September 14, 2020

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