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September 18, 2017

Last Wednesday, the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker gave his speech on the State Of The European Union in front of the Parliament. His address was centered around the belief (indeed a fact according to his words) that after a disastrous 2016, f...

June 15, 2017

Today June the 15th May seems a regular day of suffocating hot in Milan and the rest of Europe (maybe without the “suffocating” part, though), but actually it is not.

In fact, today marks the formal end to any roaming charge across European countries. That might seem a...

April 28, 2017


1.1 ECB’s History

The European Central Bank was formally established on the 1st June 1998 in Frankfurt, Germany, when the appointment of its President, Vice-President and four other members of its Executive Board took effect.

However, the beginning of this or...

April 3, 2017

In the previous article on French presidential elections I outlined a rather complex situation, in which the Partie Socialiste was struggling at the benefit of Les Republicaines and of the independent Mr Macron, with the far-right leader Marine Le Pen occupying the top...

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September 14, 2020

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