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EG seen from the inside

In occasion of the Spring Recruitment 2021, we have decided to ask to the members that have joined European Generation last fall to provide a feedback about the environment and the activities of the association. We hope that this could be helpful to all those that might be interested in joining.

Human Resources and Operations Division

I joined EG back in October and from the first meeting I was pleasantly surprised by the positivity and openness of everybody. I first joined the association because I liked the idea of having debates with a diverse group of people and, I have to say, I was not let down. The presentations are always an opportunity to learn, understand and critique different views in a safe and constructive environment. - Giovanni Battista Allavena

Joining European Generation was a great choice, it made me realize how fundamental is the EU for its member states but also extra-EU countries and the key role it plays in shaping the future of our world. I did not expect to feel part of the association from the very first moment, but the seriousness and availability of the members of every division, as well as the interesting debates arising every week at the meetings, made me really want to be an active member as soon as I was accepted. - Pietro Falco

Writing Division

Being a member of EG has been the perfect addition to my studies. It is an environment where students from many different countries come together to learn about and discuss the latest developments in the European Union. As everyone has their own unique experiences and viewpoints, everyone can contribute. To this day I am impressed by how well this exchange of ideas works, and how much fun that can be. - Johann Maack

European Generation has had a fundamental impact on my personal life as a student until now. I have been introduced to a wonderful environment in which everyone has, in his/her own way, motivated me to explore on a deeper level both the underlying basis and the latest developments of the EU.

Being part of the writing division, then, has challenged me to shape, in my own way and with my personal effort, crucial analytical and writing skills - Andrea Graziano

Media Division

Joining this association was a wonderful way to learn more about our Union while also meeting new people and living exciting experiences, even if only online. There were countless opportunities to improve our knowledge and understanding of current events while also sharing opinions and I truly felt like I was part of something bigger! Even in hard times like the ones we’re living, this experience has been nothing but constructive and useful, both for my academic and personal life. - Arianna Colombo

Being part of an association where every member is genuinely interested and eager to take on new discussions to further their knowledge on the EU, makes you feel ready to participate each meeting in a positive and open-minded way. By joining European Generation, I have been able to learn and understand the essentiality of the EU and it’s critical role in shaping our present and future. The dedication of the members and their availability is very welcoming and prepares you to confidently face interesting debates in a positive and secure setting. - Victoria Bruschi

Events Division

I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about the European Project while improving my interpersonal and professional skills. What I found was an association as cohese and welcoming as the Europe it wishes for, and where enthusiasm and a proactive attitude are not only welcomed but highly rewarded. An incredible environment where to grow as a person, a student and a European Citizen.- Elena Vecil

It always makes me happy to see that Europe is not only an economic and political union, but a truly lived project among young and enthusiastic people. As someone who has lived across four different countries in Europe, I have joined this association to share my passion for Europe. Indeed, European Generation is a great association to see and discuss many perspectives on European matters and to have fun at the same time! - Georgi Golubev

All pictures present in this article are from Pixabay


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