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European Youth Debate 2019

The fourth edition of the EYD was set on four different themes:

1. Antitrust and Competition
2. Social Media regulation in electoral campaigns
3. Cultural Heritage
4. Climate Change.

At the beginning of the event and before the start of the debate, students participated to an introductory conference with the special participation of the following Italian politicians, professors and journalists : Chiara Binelli, Founder and Senior Research Fellow of Center for Research and Social Progress; Stefano Riela, Lecturer at Department of Social and Political Sciences; Maria Garbelli, Senior Lecturer at DEMS; Valeria Gattai, Lecturer at University of Milano-Bicocca; Antonio Ereditato, Director of the Laboratory of Physics of High Energies at Bern University; Giuseppe Scognamiglio, Former Diplomat; Chairman of the EastWest European Institute; Tito Boeri, Former INPS President and Professor at Bocconi University. In addition, all the participants to every roundtable prepared a draft paper containing the solutions discussed in the roundtables. Every table had a representative to explaining their conclusions to all the other participants. Then followed a discussion on the matter and proposed amendments in order to finally vote on the approval of the Documents.
The event has been granted the high Patronage of the European Parliament, the European Commission and Villa Vigoni, and took place thanks to the precious support and patronage of the following institutions: the European Documentation Center of the Bocconi Library, the Italian Trade Agency, Banco BPM, ISPI, the European Student Associations Network.


  1. Antitrust & Competition 

  2. Social Media Regulation in Electoral Campaigns 

  3. Cultural Heritage 

  4. Climate Change


Stefano Riela, Professor at Bocconi University, Expert in Economics of the European Union

Tito Boeri, Former President of INPS, Italian Economist and Professor at Bocconi University

Giuseppe Scognamiglio, Director of EastWest European Institute, Former Italian diplomat

Antonio Ereditato, Director of the Laborathory of Physics of High Energies at Bern University, Professor at Bern University

Chiara Binelli, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Milano-Bicocca and Founder and Co-Director, Center for Research and Social Progress;

Maria Garbelli, Senior Lecturer at DEMS - Department of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Milano-Bicocca

Valeria Gattai, Associate Professor of Applied Economics, University of Milano-Bicocca, DEMS and CEfES

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