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May 2015

Photos of the members of European Generation showing a blackboard with the hashtag #Europeis and a word chosen by each of them. 


Photos & editing by Federico Calciolari.

All Rights reserved.

Michele Verde


#Europeis #ImpactInvesting

Impact investing is investing in companies that have the purpose to achieve social impact by providing entrepreneurial solutions to a societal issue based on a scalable approach while hopefully creating return on equity for investors.

Nicoletta Amato


#Europeis #Variety

There are several types of varieties: variety of countries, of habits, of customs and traditions, of food and culture, of political systems, of businesses and markets, of ideologies, of products and transactions, of historical experiences. But there is only one possible dimension in which 50 kinds of varieties can survive: Europe.

Giacomo Delinavelli


#Europeis #Welfare

An inclusive Welfare State is what differentiate most Europe from the rest of the world. Health and Education shall be the pillars of a stronger European Union.

Antonio  Levato


#Europeis #Culture

“Even before Europe was united in an economic level or was conceived at the level of economic interests and trade, it was culture that united all the countries of Europe. The arts, literature, music are the connecting link of Europe.” [Dario Fo] 
Europe has indeed a valuable inheritance in terms of arts and philosophical and political thought, as its roots represent the bedrock of modern Western society. Therefore it is only right to preserve and support the cultural legacy of previous generations of Europeans.

Giulia Leila Travaglini


#Europeis #Knowledge

“..to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.” (Lisbon Council, March 2000). Europe is becoming a common area of education, training and youth. The way to achieve it is to gradually build up an open and dynamic European cooperation that can help citizens to constantly update their knowledge in order to enhance employability and to serve as a framework for the process of consolidating European citizenship.

Federico Calciolari


#Europeis #Solidarity

"To pity the unfortunate is not contrary to lust. On the contrary, we can quite well give such evidence of friendship, and acquire the reputation of kindly feeling, without giving anything" (Pascal, Pensees). Solidarity instead is about starting to concretely give something, under the consciousness that any geographical, cultural, political border is just imagined (as taught by Benedict Anderson). This is also what Europe is about.

Ippolito Castellani Tarabini


#Europeis #Mobility

Despite great heterogeneity in social mobility amongst its member states, the EU outperforms the United States in what is seen by many as the best measure of equality of opportunity. 
As many studies have shown, the main driver behind upward social mobility is education: it is therefore essential that we (Europe) continue on the path of expanding access to higher education to everyone. 

Alberto Botrugno


#Europeis #Entertainment

Every year, in Europe, it takes place the Eurovision Song Contest, a music festival, born in 1956 on the model of the Sanremo Festival, with the participation of all EU countries and other non-EU. The winning country hosts the following year its edition. It is one of the longest-running show in the world, and one of the most popular, born after the Second World War with the principle aim of restoring a climate of peaceful cultural collaboration among the European nations.

Federica Willemsen


#Europeis #Cooperation

How could Europe exist with no cooperation? Cooperation is intrinsically connected to early creation of Europe. The first step of cooperation reached was of a territorial nature. A group of six nations decided to create and join the European Coal and Steel Community, showing that they were able to cooperate. Europe will celebrate on the 21st of September 2015 the achievements of 25 years of territorial cooperation in Europe. « Sharing borders, growing closer » is the motto for the celebration of this spirit of cooperation throughout Europe and beyond, as territorial cooperation also involves neighbouring countries of the EU.

Francesco Chiocchio


#Europeis #Identity

I was born in Munich, I lived in France but I am Italian...when people ask me where do I come from, I just say "Europe"

Pietro Baffico


#Europeis #ValueAdded

There have been two Europe. The second one started when we realized that we only have one. 
Whether is seen as concept of subsidiarity and proportionality, as development and economic efficiency rationale, as solidarity and dissemination of best practise, Europe’s added value lies on sharing the cultural differences of its population, living and working together, caring of each others

Giacomo Anesi


#Europeis #Integration

At the end of the WWII, the same countries that had fought and devasted Europe understood that was necessary to build a Europe united in economic, political, cultural and social issues to be competitive in the globalized world.
Now we are 500 milions of people, 28 member states, who share a single market, a monetary union, the same institutions and a unique idea of citizenship.

Nicolò Odorizzi


#Europeis #Struggle
Ever since the end of World War II, the nations of Europe have strived towards achieving a sense of unity that could encompass them. Unity that could guide them towards a peaceful and prosperous future, but that is not to be taken for granted, as the course of events has shown. The struggles they have faced and still face today to pursue this goal are challenging, but this is a challenge worth taking on.

Paola Centola


#Europeis #Creativity 
I'm living in Europe, a place where we care the particular. The differences among many ethnicities, languages, customes and traditions prompt us to reinvent ourselves using innovative methods to make us more united, but always respecting each identity and its own sides. Without creativity you have no progress. Without progress you have no union. So, if logic isn't a opinion: all we need is creativity.

Davide Zilli


#Europeis #Expo2015

I feel satisfied with the activities that we have been able to enact this year, although we could have done more. Being vice president of EG was a great experience and a challenging responsibility; if necessary I will be proud to represent this team again next year. We concluded this academic year as delegates of our university at Expo 2015, almost symbolically, on Europe Day. I consider this enormous rendez-vous an unmissible occasion for relaunching our country's economy in the world scenario, and to reaffirm once again that Italy is the land of culture and good food. Finally I want to  thank Giacomo Delinavelli and Michele Verde for supporting me and for having carried on our projects with dedication and passion. Best regards, let’s Europe together on September!